Our Story

We are a small business located in Decatur, GA.  Our goal is to provide you with a unique product selection at the best prices available.  We love making each order personal and creating an experience that will have a lasting memory.  We love seeing people come back!

We strive to keep our prices as low as possible, without sacrificing quality.  We feel everyone should have access to the wares they want and need.  Keeping our prices low allows more people the opportunity to create experiences without a substantial financial sacrifice.

We love making people happy.  There is nothing like opening a package and having it meet and/or exceed all your expectations.  Everything from making sure your order is right, the items are each packaged securely, the best and most inexpensive method of shipping is chosen are some of the qualities we work and strive for.

Everyone here at The Olde Ones is a practitioner of the craft.  All of our products are each vetted for quality.  If it isn't something we would like and be happy with, it's not something we want to send you.

Thank you for visiting our shop!