Chakra Bracelet, 8 mm Chakra Elastic Bracelet with Palo Santa

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Beautiful Chakra elastic bracelets. These are made with genuine 8 mm gemstone beads and palo santo beads.

A simplistic design of 7 crystals, stones and palo santo beads to benefit the 7 chakras.

This bracelet includes:

Black Onyx - Root
Carnelian - Sacral
Sunstone - Solar Plexus
Green Aventurine - Heart
Sodalite - Throat
Iolite - Third Eye
Amethyst - Crown

These beads are combines with titanium hematite, palo santo and clear quartz, all designed to radiate sweet & positive vibes.

Palo Santo, also known as "holy wood" is an aromatic & mystical tree native to Mexico and South America. Palo santo may be burned, similar to incense, by lighting shavings of palo santo wood. In Peru, a shaman, or medicine man, reportedly lights palo santo sticks and the rising smoke will enter the "energy field" of ritual participants to "clear misfortune and negative energy".

These bracelets will fit most although may dangle slightly on petite wrists. These are 7-8" before stretching.

You will receive 1 bracelet and a velvet storage pouch.

These are natural products, so color may and bead size may vary slightly. These can be customized as well. We also have these available with Sandalwood. Please visit our shop to see all of our handmade bracelets.

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