Labradorite Slab - 2 pieces, Polished Labradorite Rough - 1.75-2.5"

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Beautiful Labradorite Top Polished Slab. These are labradorite pieces that have been polished on one side. These pieces measure just over 1.75"-2.5" in length and .75-.9" and have varied thickness.

You will receive 2 stones similar to those pictured. These photos represent a small sample of available stones. These have some beautiful flashes of blue and gold. It is so hard to photograph them at every angle so you can see their beauty.

Labradorite is a stone of transformation that strengthens intuition. An excellent stone for the workplace, Labradorite tempers the negative side of our personality and brings out the best in people.

I have photographed these in different light settings to try and give you an idea of their coloring and features under variable environments. These were photographed outside on a cloudy day with no flash.

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