Apophyllite Tips

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Apophyllite Tips. These tips average 1" across the bottom and are 1.1-1.3" tall. 

You will receive 1 stone in an organza, an informational card and white sage to clear the energies before you use it.
We will chose the stones specifically for you. These stones vary slightly in size, color and shape.

Apophyllite is simply a stimulating stone to look at. There appears to be a mirror inside the points when you look into them, kind of like a window to the spirit word. This could be the reason that apopyllite provides a strong connection to the spirit world and aids in astral projection. Apophyllite activates the Third-Eye Chakra, making it more receptive to spiritual energy. These stones can also stimulate intuitive visions.

Apophyllite has a special affinity to Capricorn, Aires and Scorpios. Its associated with the element of earth.

Use apophyllite during meditation to help make a conscious connection to the spirit world. Apophyllite has also been place over tired eyelids to rejuvenate tired eyes.

I have photographed these in several different light settings to try and give you an idea of their coloring and features under variable environments.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace to advice of a qualified medical professional.*