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Moldavite. These stones range from 10-15mm on their longest side. These pieces each weigh between .5 and 1g. These stones are very small. They would be great to use in earrings, jewelry or an addition to one of your craft tools.

You will receive 1 of the stones pictured. These stones vary in size, color and shape.

Moldavite is a high energy stone. Believed to have formed around 15 million years ago after a meteor impact. It is in the Tektite family of stones. Moldavite has been found in only one area of the earth, Czechoslovakia.

Moldavite is a stone of change, with some calling it "The Holy Grail" because of its ability to assist with much needed change. Moldavite is also known for its protective abilities, warding off negative energies.

Its high energy makes it a "must have" for any who are on the spiritual path. Moldavite works extremely well when grouped with other high vibration stones. A great stone for meditation, dream work, protection and very useful in tools such as wands, grids, headbands and other magickal items.

I have photographed these in several different light settings to try and give you an idea of their coloring and features under variable environments.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace to advice of a qualified medical professional.*