Narmada Stone Shiva Lingam - 3"

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Here we have some beautiful Shiva Lingam. Shiva Lingam is a stone that is found only in one place in India, the Narmada River.
These stones are made from cryptocrystalline quartz.

This stone is a sacred stone of the Indian Hindu Religion.

This stone is phallic shaped and named after the Hindu God Shiva. This stone is said to radiate with all the elements - earth, air, fire and water.

Healers use this stone to strengthen and balance the entire body, as well as impotence, infertility and many others.

These stones are hand polished to an exquisite shine and are a larger size comparable to most. These are 3" in length and weigh between 3.8 & 4.5 oz.

You will receive one stone similar to the ones pictured. These stones are natural and have variations in color, size and pattern.