Purification Pentacle Cast Iron Cauldron Purification Candle

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Beautiful, heavy cast iron cauldron. This cauldron comes with a lid, has a handle and is adorned with a pentacle on 2 sides.

Perfect for your altar as a smudge pot, incense burner or offering bowl.

4" tall, 4" wide with a 2.25" opening. The perfect size for any altar.

Purification Candle - This candle was designed for purification from the very beginning. All natural soy wax held at temperature with white sage infusing for over an hour. There are no colors, dyes, or fragrance oils. The natural oils from the white sage infuses these candles. Palo Santo chips are also infused during the process. White sage leaves are added while the candle is cooling. Near the end of the process the candles are dusted with palo santo.

The candles were poured and contain the following stone chips: Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst. All designed around absorbing negative energies, cleansing and purifying. A small amount of organic white sage essential oil was added just before pouring. These candles were then placed on our altar space to cool and set.

These will be anointed with our own Purifying Anointment oil just before shipping. This oil is a mixture of 5 essential oils, all designed for cleansing and purifying your sacred space.

The candle weight is 4 oz. and the combination about 1lb 11oz. After you burn it the residual soy will wash out easily with hot soapy water.

You will receive 1 cauldron similar to the one pictured. Additional items in pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Pictured with this cauldron are rainbow jasper and lepidolite wands

**This cauldron is different compared to the ones pictured in the reviews. It is also larger. We have 4 of these available and then will switch to another that has a more reliable source. The candle itself is the same and created with loving and purifying intentions as described above.

We do have other cauldron styles available and listed in our shop. Additionally, we can custom create the candle itself.

See our website at www.theoldeones.com for additional items. Also find us on Facebook @theoldeones

Our candles are hand poured in small batches. Some slight color variation is possible. Processing may take an extra business day as we like our candles to be fresh poured.

Thanks for looking!