Super Seven Stone - 40-46 g, Super 7 Slice

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Check out these amazing Super Seven Slices. These crystals measure 1.8 - 3" at the longest points and are approximately .3-.4" thick. These weigh 40-46 g each.

You will receive one of the beautiful stones pictured. The one on the left in all of the pictures is the only one that stands on its own. These will come to you securely packaged and padded in a box.

Super Seven, also referred to as "Sacred Seven" or "Melody Stone", is a quartz stone that contains seven materials; goethite, cacoxenite, rutile, lepidocrocite, amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz, although they don't have to contain all 7.

Super Seven is considered by many crystal healers and metaphysical practitioners to be a very special, powerful stone.

These stones carry the properties of each of the 7 they contain.

We have photographed these in different light settings to give you an idea of their appearance in different environments.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace to advice of a qualified medical professional.*

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