The Witching Hour, Treasure of Stones, Witch Candle, Soy Candle, Tealight Candles, Sunstone

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Treasure of Stones - The Witching Hour

This collection is designed to be fun and full of surprises! This features classic Halloween images, but don't let images fool you. This collection incorporates the magic and mystery of practices that began long ago.

This set contains a powerhouse of stones:

Nuummite for powerful primal magic
Sunstone for manifestation power
iolite for increasing awareness during astral travel
Obsidian for its well known grounding abilities
Black Onyx to protect you from your enemies

You get a wooden treasure box to store your stones when not in use.

4 tealight candles - These candles are hand poured with natural soy wax. Infused with fragrances and essential oils which include:

Dragon's Blood, citrus, patchouli, clove, and floral undertones. This candle is poured over Amethyst and quartz chips. This delightful blend of botanicals will lift your spirit and prepare you for the journey that lies ahead.

A 4"x 5" velvet bag with a flying witch on it.

An informational card about the set, candles and stones.

You may also opt to add the glass container candle with the witch. This is a 6 oz version of the tealights poured in a purple glass container with a graveyard scene and adorned with a flying witch. There are a very limited number of these available. The listed price for this variation includes the additional shipping for this item, which weights 13 oz by itself.

All will be well packaged. The stones will arrive in an organza with white sage you can use to cleanse any latent energies before use.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and do not nor are intended to replace the advice from or evaluation by a recognized medical professional. User assumes all liabilities for use and outcome of this set.

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