Treasure of Stones - The Dragon

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Treasure of Stones - The Dragon

A mystical creature that is one of the most ancient creatures in mythology. Dragons are depicted in many different settings and are associated with the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Today, dragons are shrouded in mystery, however still make their way to many as a spirit guide. Dragons are known for being fierce, fearless, extremely loyal, and full of energy. Additionally they are wise and carry the ancient wisdom that goes with being an old soul.

This Treasure of Stones collection was designed to help you become more dragon like. Here you will find the tools to assist with your transformation to becoming fearless, accessing ancient wisdom and finding protection.

This collection includes a powerhouse of 4 stones:

Septarian - septarian is estimated to be between 66-144 million years old. Known as Dragon Stone, many believe it was formed from the fire of a dragon. This stone is comprised of 4 different stones including calcite, aragonite and limestone. It contains the properties of all 4 stones. Septarian is a grounding stone that promotes confidence. This stone is 1.5" in diameter and comes with a glass stand.

Dragons Blood Jasper - local legend states that this stone is formed from the remains of a departed dragon. The green being the skin and the red being blood. A stone of strength, courage and personal power.

Nuummite - believed to be one of the oldest stones on the planet at 3 billion years old. Known as The Scorcerer's Stone, nuummite brings ancient magic and wisdom.

Labradorite - Healing stone of magic and ancient wisdom.

A small dragon chest to hold your stones when they are not being used. (The Septarian will not fit in the chest? This chest measures 3" tall x 2.5" x 2".

4 dragons blood tealight candles hand poured with natural soy wax. These candles contain fragances, essential oils and stone chips that support change.

Tealights contain:

Howlite - A stone of great calming allowing you to think more clearly
Peridot - green like a dragon's scale and born of fire, Peridot is a stone that removes    cowardice, leading one towards fearlessness.
Garnet - red like a dragon's blood, a spiritual stone of psychic protection
Black Tourmaline - a stone of great protection that promotes a sense of power and self    confidence.

You will also receive a small dragon figurine. These come in several colors and you have your choice of one with a crystal shield or one with a crystal ball. These vary in design, but are about 2" x 2" in size,

You will also receive an informational card about the collection.

All will be well packaged and sent with intent to help you . The stones will arrive in an organza with white sage you can use to cleanse any latent energies before use. Stones may vary in coloration, shape and size. 

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and do not nor are intended to replace the advice from or evaluation by a recognized medical professional. User assumes all liabilities for use and outcome of this set.

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