Tumbled Silver Leaf Jasper

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Large Tumbled Silver Leaf Jasper. These stones are all 1.25" - 1.5" on the longest side. Silver Leaf Jasper has remarkable colors and markings, and these are some of the best we've seen!

You will receive 1 stone from the pictures in an organza, an informational card and white sage to clear the energies before you use it.
We will chose the stones specifically for you. These stones vary in size, color and shape.

Tumbled Silver Leaf Jasper is a beautiful stone with color variations from silver to red, brown, greens and blue.

A true artistic design from nature, these stones have stunning swirling, banded and teardrop markings. The grey colors combined with the swirling patterns is how they became known as Silver Leaf Jasper.

Silver Leaf Jasper is a stone of grounding. Because of the grounding nature of this stone, it makes it an excellent stone for protection during travels, both physical and astral. An excellent stone for meditation as well as healing.

I have photographed these in several different light settings to try and give you an idea of their coloring and features under variable environments.

Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace to advice of a qualified medical professional.*