White Sage & Lavender Tealight Candles, White Sage and Lavender Soap, White Sage Candles, Lavender Candles

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All natural soy and coconut wax candles.

One of our favorite scents, these combine white sage with lavender. These candles contain both dried lavender and white sage leaves.

Combining lavender's reputation for relaxation and purification properties of white sage, these candles are poured over black tourmaline and amethyst stone chips for an extra boost.

You will receive 4 Candles similar to the ones pictured.

Shea Butter based body bars can also be added. Take a nice relaxing bath with the candles and body bars. These body bars contain white sage & lavender essential and fragrance oils to match the candles. These come in 4 different floral designs as pictured. These weigh about .6-1 oz each. Each set will come with 4, which may be a mix of any of those pictured. As with all products used on the skin, please test these on a small area, especially if you have known skin sensitivities.

Our candles and soaps are hand made in small batches. Some color variation is possible between batches. Processing may take an extra business day as we like our candles to be fresh poured.

***Please burn candles safely and do not leave unattended. Do not leave where children or pets can come in contact with them and do not burn close to flammable items. These candles contain dried herbs, which can cause the container to melt if they burn all the way out.

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